Collaborative Work

Below is a list of projects that I have contributed to while in the games industry. I worked as a level designer on these projects.

Andrew Hill

Penguins of Madagascar

"The Penguins of Madagascar have returned and this time they’re the stars of their very own game!   Based on the upcoming film Penguins of Madagascar, the game follows the adventures of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private in the pursuit for their beloved Cheezy Dibbles.  Along the way they stumble upon a nefarious plot by the evil octopus, Dave (Dr. Octavius Brine).   The penguins travel from their Tiki Home Base to such locales as Fort Knox, NY Airport, and Monte Carlo in an attempt to foil Dave’s evil plans."

I was responsible for the design and implementation of the Monte Carlo portion of the game, along with the first section of Dave's Lab. The area was first blocked out with a generic tile set and the functionality necessary for gameplay added before being handed over to an artist who gave the area its unique look.


Falling Skies: The Game

"Based on Falling Skies, the popular TNT sci-fi series, Falling Skies: The Game is set in a world devestated by Espheni aliens. Following the destruction of an Espheni tower the the end of season 3, the 2nd Mass stumble across the wreckage of an ambushed convoy. Among the survivors is an engineer who claims he can create a powerful weapon that may level the playing field in the fight against the Espheni invaders, but it will require the 2nd Mass to undertake several risky operations to collect all the components. What seems at first to be a routine salvage mission quickly becomes a battle for mankind's very existence."

For this project, I was responsible for designing 10 side mission maps with a variety of themes such as forests, cities, docks and industrial sectors. Each map had to support a variety of mission objectives, from simple offensives, to demolitions, escorts and rescues.

The maps were first plotted out of paper and then constructed from the available tile sets.


Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp

"Join Scooby-Doo! and your favorite Mystery, Inc. friends and find out what new adventures lurk in the Spooky Swamp!"

Scooby-Doo! and the Spooky Swamp takes the player through three explorable environments to solve the mystery of the Spooky Swamp. As the level designer for the Alpine region of the game, I was responsible for conceptualising layouts and puzzles, blocking out the environment in 3D, implementing functionality and working with artists to see the area through to final completion.

Specifically, this involved pen & paper design, modelling in Maya, placing entities (such as enemies, props and cameras) and scripting various in-game events.


Scooby-Doo! First Frights

"Mystery, Inc. has united! Now, pick up where the film left off as you play as Scooby, Shaggy and the rest of the super-cool teen Mystery Machine team! Explore spooky environments, solve puzzles, combat enemies and collect clues to unmask devious villains and gain prestige as world famous sleuths. With ghosts and ghouls around every corner, high school has never sounded to fun!"

I was assigned as the level designer for Episode 2 Level 1 - Amusement Town, Episode 3 Level 1 - Rocky Bay Village, Episode 4 Level 1 - Keystone Castle, and Episode 4 Chase - Mines (Werewolf Chase). (Playthrough videos by Gabriel Gomes)

My responsibilities included designing levels on paper, whiteboxing in Maya, placing entities, scripting events and working with environment artists throughout the development of the project.


Monster Jam: Urban Assault

"Unleash the raw power of the world's biggest and baddest monster trucks as you wreck havoc on cities all across the globe! Experience authentic Monster Jam action with stadium races and freestyle competitions for the ultimate Monster Truck experience!"

Monster Jam: Urban Assault was the first project I worked on while in the employ of Torus Games. I came on late in the project and was responsible primarilly for adding destructible objects to the tracks and refining race paths for AI controlled cars.