These are some of my older and/or retired works.

Andrew Hill

Space Station - Unreal Tournament 3 Level

This project was originally intended to be a Warfare map for Unreal Tournament 3, although I have since moved onto other projects.

The gameplay would involve two sides fighting for control over the space station. There would be a command ship docked on the outer rings at opposite sides of the station which house the prime node for each team, a center node in the middle of the station (middle screenshot below) and possibly support nodes on the outer rings. Players would also be able to take control of flying spacecraft (such as the Raptor) docked at the command ships.

The level meshes were modelled in 3DS Max and mapped with textures from Epic Games. The space station was then decorrated in the Unreal Editor with a variety of static mesh props included with Unreal Tournament 3.

Development Information:
Status: Incomplete
Date of Release: N/A
Game & Engine: Unreal Tournament 3 - Unreal Engine 3
Tools Used: Unreal Editor 3, 3ds Max

Terrain Test - Unreal Tournament 3 Level

This environment was created in the Unreal Editor to test out the Terrain tool. I wanted to try and produce something that would fit into an adventure or role playing game.


Assorted Work

Some (mostly older) pieces that I have created over the years.